Networked Embedded Systems


The following tools are available for the GAMBAS consortium:

GAMBAS Svnwebclient

Webaccess to the GAMBAS subversion repository.


Web application to support team development.

GAMBAS Jenkins

Jenkins continuous integration build server.


Gerrit code review server.

GAMBAS Password

Web application to change your password.


Web application to specify requirements provided by ETRA.

GAMBAS Registry

Web application to inspect the state of the GAMBAS registry.

GAMBAS Storage

Web application to access the context data collected by GAMBAS.

The subversion repository can be accessed with any SVN client, see the subversion project page for a list of available clients. The connection url is for the document repository. The git repository is available via the following connection url: In order to clone or modify the git repository, you must use your gerrit http password. Direct pushing is disabled to enforce code reviews. Insecure connections via http are disabled to protect your password. Direct questions to the server admin.